Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Why Modeling is all about fit body and mind

You may have come across many models who swear by their personal training, mainly because it keeps them in fit shape. It is a true fact because the modeling industry demands a majority of models who are fit and healthy. Health and physical appearance is of utmost importance when it comes to modeling and it is no longer a conundrum as to how to achieve it. Anybody whom you know is an aspiring model, pays attention to their physique and looks.

More than anything else, modeling as a profession requires an individual to be in shape and healthy because the entire career depends on how physically fit the person is. There are lots of reasons as to why a model should pay attention to their fitness, regardless of their shape or size. Following are some of the reasons: 

Being a challenging profession, modeling comes with continuous assignments that may be really exhausting. Therefore, only a fit model (both internally and externally) can endure the pressure.

Because a large portion of modeling is about a body, the model must have a well maintained appearance that is a reflection of their fitness.

Apart from just physical fitness, a model must also be mentally fit to take onto this challenging profession that comes with a myriad of opportunities as well as plenty of stressful situations as well.

All models who are in the business or even the aspirants are expected to take care of themselves because it is all about prepping up the body for the hurdles that may come with the profession. Therefore, a routine workout session that comprises of different workouts such as cardio, yoga, Pilate and swimming etc. are necessary to maintain the physique. A healthy diet is also extremely important for a model to survive the draining modeling assignments such as fashion shows, photo shoots etc.

Staying fit and having a steady mind can be really helpful for a model in maintaining a balance between health and strenuous work conditions, without which, it would be really difficult to manage. Modeling doesn't come easy; it’s all about hard work and putting in blood, sweat and tears into a profession that was always a dream. 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Is Modeling A Career Option For Indian Kids?

Entertainment and TV industry offers a myriad of interesting job offers to people of all age. A kid modeling is relatively old to such an extent that renowned celebrities such as Sri. Devi and Kamal Hassan started themselves as child artist. Now when you flip open a magazine, go Online or watch television, you can see that there are many children who are accomplished models at such a young age. So, do you think your child can take up modeling as a career today or in future?

A child can become a model right when he’s a few days old. So, there’s no such age bar for child modeling, except for the requirement. There aren't any strategies required for children to get stardom as a model. All that matters is how good they are at their modeling and acting skills. For children belonging to age group of infants and toddlers, there isn't much requirement.

Surprisingly, parents are now more open to dressing up their kids fashionably and encouraging them to refine their modeling skills. They don’t even mind contacting modeling agencies to seek professional help and guidance for their kids. And there’s nothing better than having an expert to guide parents through all aspects of this glamorous job. The best part about having your child to model for a brand is that most modeling agents look for a raw talent in children. The child needs not to fit in as a “beautiful” kid. Mere acting skills and talent skills are enough for your child to become a model.

Child modeling in India is becoming a booming option for those parents who are searching for a way not only to encourage their child to groom their talent, but also a way to learn discipline and importance of having a career early. Because modeling fulfills this requirement in every possible way, parents in India are opting to get their children enrolled in acting and modeling classes, most of which provide an exceptional platform to nurture the talented kids. In fact, platforms like Indian Models Club, which is a modeling agency based in Delhi, offers fair square platforms for children of all ages to opt modeling as a career.

For parents who don’t wish to enroll their children into this industry, thinking that working at a young age will interfere with the child’s studies, there’s a better option. You can still get to encourage your child to model by choosing for part-time modeling assignments. This way, you can ensure that your little one isn't extremely involved in working. If your child is talented and loves modeling, then there’s nothing better than getting your kid enlisted with a local modeling agency. Not only will the agency play an important role in finding deserving decent assignments for it, but your child will get to learn a lot through it. Moreover, the payment from the modeling work can be saved for the future of the child.

Child modeling in India is becoming real as the parents are breaking their inhibitions and encouraging their talented children to choose modeling at a young age, which will always remain a career option for them when they grow up. 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Modeling in India: Then and now - Indian Models Club

Compared to today, if we rewind the time and look what modeling prospects existed in India a decade or two ago, then we wouldn't be able to find much information about it nor much jobs. However, now modeling in India has picked up pace and has been opted as a proper career option by many people. There are several names in the industry that gave up their academics and degrees just to pursue their passion for modeling and became renowned models. It is due to these models and actors that the youth of our country is accepting modeling as a trusted profession.

Prior stepping into 21st century, modeling and acting was not considered as a safe career option. It was the least opted and a rare profession that was somehow still very much glamorous and looked after. Actresses such as Zeenat Amaan and Praveen Bobbi were models before they came into acting domain. It must have been difficult for them to not only pursue their passion but also get success in it during a phase, when modeling had a bad reputation. The stigma somehow still exists with the surfacing of news casting couch and other scandals in the past few years.

However, despite all the odds, there is so much positive in the modeling industry to look for. The youth of India has become much more aware about the positivity and the plus factors of being a model. Not only is it one of the most glamorous jobs in the country, but it is an actual portal to other unlimited opportunities. With so many good things to consider about, there is no space for stressing on negative parts which exist in the past now. Moreover, agencies such as Indian Models Club have made modeling an easy and approachable career option for many and are on the track to make it much more accessible by all.

Modeling in India has evolved with time and it still continues to do so. There aren't the old troubles anymore such as lack of information, resources, or the ability to groom one self. With today’s youth much more aware about themselves, everything has become much easier when it comes to modeling. Be it looks, health, fashion sense or communication skills, the young people of India are already prepared for embracing modeling as a profession.

As compared to old days, now there isn't a dearth of reliable platforms which can act as a Launchpad for a great modeling career. The youth today now recognizes the importance of their looks first and understand how important it is to get in touch with a modeling agency or an agent, if they want to opt modeling as a serious profession. They are even aware about the perks of being in this profession. For example, Bollywood isn't too far from fashion and modeling industry. With many former super models working excellently in the industry, the chances are just too much.

India has changed with time and people have accepted modeling as a serious profession now.