Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Top Modeling Agency in India to Start A Modeling Career

How do you make the right choice that will benefit your modeling career? For your career to soar high, it is necessary that you set your vision on top and look for an agency that feels right to you. And how does an agency feels right to you? You’ll get to know about it ahead:

In this tech era, it is very easy to search for user reviews/complaints about any product or service provider. So is the case with agencies as well. For example, if you are looking for a bunch of female modeling agencies in Delhi, you need to Google it, narrow your search and check for the reputation of those whom you shortlist.

Chief Services
Services, that are offered by a modeling agency speaks for its expertise in the domain. Expensive or not is a question to be answered later, but a right firm will give you plenty of solutions whether it is your looks, your personality, your health or attitude. With a strong network of in-house professionals, you can bet that they are on ‘top’ for a very valid reason.

The know-how and practical knowledge about this domain is reflective. Any Top Modeling Agency in India will show off their experience as a milestone indicator. Therefore, look out for the essential factors such as the agency’s past experience in the fashion world, or with models, success-ratio, professional treatment to name a few. You’ll be able to recognize a professional agency when you come across these factors that will help you decide.

These are the 3 prime tips to find out whether a modeling agency is right for your career or not. Don’t refrain from visiting more than one firm and always clear your doubts when you get a chance to. Focus on the top agency and you might get the right break; runways, tours, working along with top fashion houses and much more. Hence, Indian models Club is the “right” agency to start your modeling career.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The odds of successful modeling in India

Be it print or ramp, modeling has been an evergreen industry with the most talented people tasting the success on high notes. There's no doubt when people say that modeling has proved its forte as an industry with sky high success rate.

If you want to become a model and want to know the odds of becoming one, then just sit back as we enlighten you about the varioustypes of modeling that any aspiring model can take up!

Gender/Age Modeling
This particular niche is always open to people of different age groups. You don't have to be a thin-stick plastic figure to get casted in the assignments that demand a model of a specific age or gender. A modeling agency could very well be interested in your talent despite the fact that you're old. All you need is confidence and a sparkling attitude in front of the camera.

Example: Advertisements for different genres and industries (not necessarily fashion) seek for such types of models.

This domain is colossal! All aspiring models would be typically required to walk runways, represent fashion houses or brands and appear in high fashion print ads to name a few. If you want to be in this specific industry, then you must pay special attention to your appearance.

For starters, you can join Indian Models Club if you reside in India. Such clubs will groom you and push your career to a top-notch level.

Models in general are expected to be physically fit. But if you share an additional passion for health and fitness, then fitness modeling is probably the safest bet for you. You can easily showcase your muscular and toned body that screams health and power. In short, your body would be your asset in this field.

Example: Companies in health industry are always on the lookout for well built bodies that can be casted to represent their brand.

Print Modeling
If you want to go on a lighter side of modeling, then print and catalogue modeling is just the right option for you. You wouldn't have to walk runways or adorn a super sculpted body. You'll be required to appear in photo shoots for various brands, which will be used in magazines and catalogues.

Example: Various brands regularly search for new faces to represent their business in magazines, billboards, newspaper and likewise.